Protection X

Protection X offers an advanced system that aims to capture, prevent and stop the spread of malicious links within Discord Communities

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Protection Simplified.

Our user-friendly system allows for a quick & easy setup wtih our state-of-the-art protection, so you and your community can have peace of mind knowing unsolicited malicious links will be blocked & stopped from spreading throughout the community.

Database Link Protection

Our system holds a database full of confirmed links that have been associated with phishing scams, the system will analyse all incoming messages to check whether a link is being sent from this database. If a link has been detected from the extensive database of links, the message will be blocked & deleted.

Advanced Link Detection

We're aware that new links are being created constantly, links that haven't already been detected. Therefore, depending on the configuration, our system will automatically scan each link for specific pieces of code & terminology to determine whether a malicious link is being sent. If one is found, both you & our team will be alerted & the link will be deleted & blocked platform-wide.

Comprehensive Configuration

As a guild owner, we understand the need for configuration & compatibility for the different communities out there, we've designed Protection X to allow as much customisation as possible. Administrators have the ability to configure just about every aspect of the system, you can set the tier of detection & everything, so everything is tailored to your communities needs.

Built on Feedback

Our project is & will continue to be built on the feedback of our community, we're always looking for suggestions on how we can improve. Just let us know, we're more than happy to listen!

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